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Our Mission

To impact the lives of the people we work with and serve each day.

Our History

A fresh approach from industry veterans.

VH Development was formed by Cliff Bates and Rob Tatum in 2021.  The company was formed as each exited previous development companies and looked for a way to have impacts in the lives of the people we work with and serve each day.  VH (Vertical and Horizontal) are the two foundational concepts of our development company.  Our relationship with God (vertical) should directly impact our relationship with the people in our lives (horizontal). We believe incorporating this belief in the name of our company will force us to keep it at the center of all we do and say, which in turn will keep us humble and always thinking of the greater good.  Vertical Development and enriching the lives of the communities we serve is only part of the equation.  We do build things for others to enjoy, but really our business is more about the horizontal impacts we have on this earth.  VH Development is a blend of both. 

Years of Experience

About Us

Our Core Values

Our Culture Matters.

People are our priority. We create genuine and lasting relationships with a sense of appreciation, courtesy, and service. 

Take Ownership.

We take responsibility for our actions while avoiding blame, excuses, or denial. We learn from our mistakes and rise above them. 

Remain Focused.

We stay on task through completion, meet and exceed expectations, and remain diligent and consistent in our pursuit of excellence. 

Act with Integrity.

We live the example we wish to set by doing what’s right, even when it’s difficult or no one is looking.